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AZADEA foundation, a 'non-profitable' NGO has been put in charge of renovations & management of public spaces in Lebanon. A foundation, brought to you by the same AZADEA group behind all major retail stores in Lebanon (Zara, Decathlon, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and every other single major store you can think about…)

Are such private/public initiatives viable answers to institutions with low knowhow and expertise? Or is it just one more of the many ways the public sector has found to shift its responsabilities? Or perhaps a new way for mayors to bypass increasingly regulated channels of public investment in favor of their pockets?
Also, can we note the irony here: Beirut’s mayor, Bilal Hamad, the very same mayor defending an outragous and outdated highway project slashing through a historic neighborhood of Beirut, is now all of a sudden an ‘green activist’ in favor of giving residents new spots for “cultural activities”. The rhetoric used by Hamad in this interview shows his total lack of understanding of what public spaces can generate and how they can be designed. Yet, he wants to build “the most beautiful garden in the region”, so the people can “breath” again and “come to it for cultural and social activities”, because you know it will be so “beautiful” and “green”.

Cairo - From an Aero!



Visuals by AMI from our book “Beirut Re-collected”.

Mashallah News, in collaboration with the designers from AMI published in March 2014 a book about Beirut, mixing narration and photography. “Beirut Re-Collected”, or in French “Beyrouth, chroniques et détours” was published by Tamyras, the Lebanese publishing house.

In Beirut Re-Collected, a new generation of writers and journalists pays tribute to the complexity of the Lebanese capital and to the destinies it has shaped. Through these recollections we wanted to preserve what the city is at risk of losing. 

The book is available in all libraries in Lebanon, as well as in some in France and Switzerland. It is also sold online, via Antoine Online.

After having launched the French version last week during the Paris book fair, Mashallah News invites you to the Beirut book launch which will take place on Thursday April 10, at Radio Beirut, in Mar Mikhael, from 6 to 10 pm. Both versions of the book will be available during the event. 

I have a short piece in this book. Excited to finally see it in print in a few days!


International Fair Grounds, Tripoli, Lebanon, 2010

by Nicolas Grospierre


(Source: archivemodernarchitecture)

Park life - finding Beirut’s hidden green spaces

The choices for Lebanese wanting to relax in a little green remain minimal

article written for Executive, by Nabila Rahhal

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